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Fishing Report
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Fishing info has been as varied as the numerous lakes up here. Crappie bite is on for some on White Iron, East Twin, and Fall lake. A lot of fish in the ten to thirteen inch range with an occasional fifteen inch thrown in.

Walleyes have been on the small side but again there have been some three pound plus eyes there or the taking. Nice eating size "eyes" coming from the East end of Birch and crappies there too. The West end has been turning out some bragging size pike on spinners, spoons, and BIG crank baits.

Burntside lakers still active at forty-five to fifty-five feet. Many of the fish are holding deeper, but will come up for the right offering.

Walleye fishing has had some ups and downs, but those who are applying themselves are managing to bring some nice fillets to the table. Finding where they're hanging out is easily done if you can locate the schools of bait fish. Leeches seemed to have run their course,but they have been replaced with crawlers and minnows quite well.

Large pike are still hammering spinner baits and spoons. They are responding to rapid retrieval rates, so no matter how fast you crank it's very difficult to outrun them.

Smallmouth bass are entertaining those anglers targeting these bronze acrobats. Top water baits like Rapala's Skitter Pops, Arbogast Hula Poppers and Jitterbugs are producing good numbers both early and late in the day, and using a jig and soft bait or small crank baits are tempting them throughout the rest of the day.

Crappies are active early and late in the day, and can be had by working either live or artificial baits in relatively shallow water as little as three feet. They have a tendency to slink down to deeper water during mid-day.

The fishing still remains good on most area lakes. Walleyes are getting into their summer pattern of feeding early and late in the day, however there's many more species that continue to be wiling to take an offering throughout the daylight hours. Some nice sunfish in the 7"-9" range are aggressively hitting small jigs when tipped with a live wax worm or an artificial bait such as Gulp maggots or honey worms. Small soft baits work well on a jig too.

Crappies are hitting small minnows on the flats from  12 feet to close to shore as the day wanes.

Northern pike are smashing spoons, spinner baits, and large crank baits in three to fifteen feet of water. A live sucker under a bobber can be like candy for these fresh water barracudas.

Lake trout will also strike during the midday hours when tempted with either spoons or slender crank baits in 40-55' of water.

The summer doldrums have arrived as indicated by water temperatures in the upper seventies, but there is little indication by way of low creel numbers. Many folks are out on the water, and a good number of them are managing to put some fish on the stringer. Not to say that action is hot and heavy, but definitely worth getting out there for.

Big pike are on the prowl and are succumbing to well placed baits near weed edges and rocky points. Large crank baits, spoons, and spinners are great artificial baits to use, but also large minnows such as suckers and chubs will bring them to the boat.

Crappies too have bunched up, and low light conditions of dusk and dawn are the best time to score on these tasty slabs. Small tube jigs, micro sized soft baits, and minnows are all producing. Learn to separate the signals on your electronics and begin to score on these fish that can be suspended in water from six to twenty-one feet.

Walleyes tend to come in two sizes recently, small and extra large. A lot of fish from ten to fifteen inches are being caught, but over the past few weeks we've seen quite a few hawgs over nine pounds making their way to the scales.

Lake trout are putting the brakes on spoons and crank baits that are pulled through their territory in forty to fifty-five feet of water. Five to seven pound fish are sliding into the landing nets on a regular basis, and a few ten and twelve pounders have been reported.

It's time to take advantage of this great fishery we have while the weather is conducive to just hanging out at the lake. You will be able to look back fondly at these trips come winter, which will be along before you know it. 

Subject: Ely area report

While the fishing may not be fast and furious, there is an opportunity to wrangle a limit of most species by putting in the time and effort. In with those limits have been some impressive catches of big fish. Walleyes over nine pounds and pike up to eighteen have been reported over the past week. Crappies too have been getting active and Birch lake has produced some fifteen inchers from the East end of the lake. Anglers there have been using minnows and also small jigs such as Slurpies and Gitzit tubes, This season has produced more lake trout from Burntside lake as folks have been trolling this deep water fishery with more enthusiasm than years past, and they have been rewarded with some very nice fish. Trolling spoons and large crank baits in forty-five to fifty-five feet of water has done the trick for many in pursuit of these tackle testers.