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Fishing Report
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Anglers are still finding cooperative walleyes on many of the area lakes recently. Most fish are being caught using crawler tipped spinner rigs, but some folks have been doing well with crank baits trolled along drop-offs at the mouths of shallow flats both early and late in the day. The mid-day bit has been somewhat deeper, as folks ply the waters over eighteen feet down.Some are having success in the late evening hours fishing minnows under lighted bobbers in the shallows.

Trout anglers have been doing well on Tofte Lake and Miners Pit by trolling small crank baits and spoons. Set your depth at ten to fifteen feet down during the day. Early and late these same trout are striking lures run right at the surface. A crawler under a bobber will also take many of these same fish. It's an easy way to fill a stringer and all it takes is a little patience.

Smallmouth bass will readily attack a surface lure as these calm mornings continue. Work your baits around weed edges or on mid lake rock piles early in the day and use sub-surface cranks and soft baits as the sun rises higher in the sky. Spinner baits are taking their toll on bass throughout the day, but one must expect to donate a few to the pike that are lying in wait in the same waters in search of a meal.

While on the subject of pike, try trolling larger profile crank baits near weed edges and rocky points. At this time of year, no lure seems to be too large to entice some of these monsters to bite. Spinner baits and spoons will work very well for those willing to keep casting. Some impressive numbers are being reported, but most of the fish are in the three to five pound range, which happen to be the ideal size for eating, although some true line busters in the ten to fifteen pound range have been taken.