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Fishing Report
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Walleyes are still responding well to slow trolled spinner rigs loaded with a crawler. most of these fish have been taken from waters fifteen to eighteen feet deep. Trolling crankbaits has been working well in the same depth range. Larger cranks are taking some really nice walleyes near sunset and into the night on areas that lead to shallow flats where they're feeding after dark. This can also be a great time to hang a minnow under a lighted bobber. To be safe, make sure your running lights are in order, and it also helps to have good lighting in the boat. A headlamp is a valuable tool after dark.

Northern pike have been active in the early morning. This can be a great time to fish top water plastics. These lures create a lot of disturbance at first light, when the lakes are flat and still. The same lures that you'd use for bass fishing work well on pike. buzz baits, spinner baits work as well as top water plugs such as Jitterbugs, Hula Poppers, and Torpedos. The action can be explosive, with both largemouth and smallmouth bass attacking these same baits. They create quite a ruckus on still waters as they smash a surface offering and the bass don't seem to mind the steel  leaders that are necessary for targeting pike.

Trout action has seen an upswing too lately. Lake trout fishing on Burntside has been producing some decent fish in the five to six pound range. Set your lures, whether they be cranks or spoons from thirty to forty five feet down. This has been where the thermocline has been hovering, and bait fish tend to congregate there. Raindow trout have been active on most local trout lakes. Fly fishermen have been working dry flies early in the day, then working nymphs or minnow imitations like the Clouser during mid-day. This can also be a great time to get kids interested in trout. These fish respond well to the simple method of just fishing worms under a bobber, which can be a kick for kids. (and adults too).