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Fishing Report
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The holiday weekeng turn out of anglers was the largest since fishing opener, and many of those venturing out were successful in their pursuit. The reports of walleye catches were  impressive. Not only were there good numbers of fish being caught, but also some larger walleyes were being reported. The overall consensus of those that did well, was to fish at all depths till you find active fish. Some folks were trolling crank baits and did well for themselves. Cranks allow you to cover a considerable amount of the lake in the shortest amount of time, and this was key in locating the depth at which the fish were holding. Early and late in the day, one needs to work the shallows as this is where the walleyes travel to seek their prey during low light conditions. That is not to say that these fish leave the shallows during mid day, some will continue to feed there as long as the food source remains viable. Some walleyes were being caught during the day in as little as five feet of water. Tip a spinner rig with a crawler or a leech, and you can expect similar results. This method can also be the key when working a mud or sand flat. Many of the surrounding lakes have very rocky bottoms, but the majority of food sources will be found on soft bottoms. The insects and invertabrates continually rise from the silt, and this is where the smaller bait fish will be found. Find the bait, find the fish. Don't overlook mid lake humps or reefs though, as these can also be places of refuge for forage fish that find concealment there when surrounded by featureless flats. This might be the perfect place to either vertical jig or slip bobber live baits.

Pike fishing has been very good of late. Spinners and spoons or larger profile shallow diving crank baits worked along weed edges and rocky points have been most productive. Some pike fishermen are also having a great time tossing surface poppers and stick baits. There's nothing like the rush of a huge fish exploding out of the water smashing a top water bait.

Speaking of surface baits, bass anglers have also been enjoying some great action as the summer bite heats up. Tiny Torpedos, hula poppers and jitterbugs are lures that have been around for a long time, and are still a great choice to cash in on the surface bite. Although they are worked primarily during daylight hours, some fishermen love the sound of the baits being pounded during the evening or early morning hours of darkness.

Stream trout action has improved as well. Some fly fishermen have been having a great time plying the area trout lakes in search of feisty rainbow trout. These aerial acrobats are just a blast when caught on a nice limber fly rod.  This of course is not the only method to land a limit of rainbows. Some will take to trolling small spinners or spoons to get the job done, while others will just take the easy route by suspending a crawler under a bobber. Each method has it's own merits, and all can get the job done.