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Fishing Report
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The angler success rate has slowed a bit in the Ely area, perhaps due to the high temperatures of both the air and the water. Those seeking walleyes should now concentrate their efforts on deep water structure in the fifteen to twenty-five foot range. Walleyes in particular have been holding at these depths, and anglers dragging spinner rigs with a crawler have been scoring some decent catches.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been better than average, as folks turn their attention to these hard fighting fish. Whether you're using spinner baits or top water lures, these critters never fail to co-operate. Many fishing trips have been saved by these voracious feeders on these clear water lakes. Young anglers too have been getting into the game as a simple rig of a crawler suspended under a bobber will be as effective when fished from a dock or along the shoreline.

As the walleye action slows, some folks have been turning their attention to northern pike. Artificial lures such as spinner baits and spoons, probably account for more pike than any other baits. It appears that the faster that you work these lures, the more aggressive the fish become, probably due to the fish responding to a bait that's trying to escape. Suckers under a bobber or just layed on the bottom can be very effective as well. There are times when a dead sucker on the bottom will produce much larger fish as the big ones don't have to work as hard chasing bait to get a meal.

Some lake trout have been coming in for anglers working water from forty ot sixty feet down in the water column. In this area spoons with a white or white green pattern have been working well. Other anglers find that just drifting along and vertical jigging has paid off.