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Fishing Report
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Smallmouth bass fishing afficianados are having a heyday in the Ely area of late. Some impressive catches of these aerial acrobats are readily striking spinner baits, crank baits, and best of all for the show, top water baits. It's always an adrenaline rush when one of these very aggressive fish hits a surface bait and expodes into the air. Most of the lakes up here in the North Country have an ample supply of these fish, and they have saved the day for many anglers who have had limited success in their pusuit of walleyes.

Speaking of walleyes, there have been some decent catches of them in recent days, and some of them have been bragging size specimens. Burntside Lake has been producing some recently in the 27 to 30" range and that has put a big smile on the face of anglers there. Other lakes in the area have been producing walleyes in the fourteen to eighteen in range, which most anglers target as the best for the dinner table. Basswood Lake has been producing fine stringers of fish, but getting a permit to fish there is akin to winning the state's lottery.

Some lake trout are still co-operating on Burntside Lake as anglers drag either flutter spoons or large profile crank baits 30 - 45' down over water depths of fifty to ninety feet. Most action has been occuring around sunken islands or sharp island points that drop off into deeper water. Bait color hasn't been an issue as fishermen are offering a variety off colors without determining anypreference by the fish.

Big pike are still slamming sucker minnows, but the biggest of the species seem to be coming from water in the ten to twenty foot range as opposed to the shallows. Spinner baits and spoons still have been catching the majority of fish as one can cover much more water than using live bait.