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Fishing Report
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Fishing action remains steady throughout the area. While few are reporting full limits, many are at least getting enough for a good fish fry. Walleyes have begun to scatter as water temps begin to creep up, but many still are roaming the shallows in search of a meal. Try working the near shore waters from six to fifteen feet. Bait choice is anyone's guess as anglers are scoring on minnows, leeches, and crawlers. Location seems to be more of a concern then bait offerings. It seems best at times to just troll along until you locate the fish, then work that area over. Some are finding that slow trolled crank baits are the ticket to success, and the larger size cranks are scoring the most fish. Apparently these fish are hungry after the rigors of the spawn.

Pike anglers are being rewarded as well, with fish up to eighteen pounds coming into the boats. Many folks still using large sucker minnows under a bobber to score, but many others are using a more pro-active method of throwing large spoons, spinner baits, and cranks. Most pike are coming from relatively shallow water, so one needs only to work along the shorelines and weed adges to connect.

Smallmouth bass fishing has really been taking off too. Many are still in the spawn cycle, which makes them easier to target as the telltale signs of their nests are readily visible. Try working soft plastics in and around the nest as the bass will attempt to move anything that poses a threat to their offspring. Small crankbaits worked in these same areas can be effective as well.

Crappie fishing has picked up as they have begun to spawn. Some fish are in water barely deep enough to cover their backs. Try using a small plastic tail on a tiny jig under a bobber to score some of these most mild tasty fish. Minnows will work too. This action should continue over the next couple of weeks before the water temps rise and they move deeper.