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Fishing Report
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Walleye fishing has remained fairly constant as the fish are starting to range further than their shallow spawning grounds. The fish are still roaming the shallow flats that have been holding the post-spawn "eyes" in search of bait fish that are searching for the warmer waters. Water temps remain in the lower fifties, so this should be the best place to target them up until the temps increase. Shallow diving crank baits and live bait presentations have been working well under these conditions. Some anglers have reported success in deeper waters, but this is the exception rather than the rule. As long as the bait remains shallow, the predators will be seeking them there.

Pike too are patrolling the skinny water and are readily picking up sucker minnows or dead baits fished right on the bottom. Some anglers are beginning to pick up some bragging size fish on slow trolled cranks and spinner baits, and this action should steadily increase as the season wears on. Best place to target the lunkers has been around emergent weed beds, or soft muddy bottoms.

Lake trout are still hanging in waters from fifteen to twenty-five feet and will readily take trolled crank baits and spoons trolled around two to two and a half miles per hour. Neutral colors seem to be working best. Planer boards are the best option when these fish are shallow, as they tend to spook out to the sides at the sound of a running boat motor. The alternative is to troll way back out to one hundred and fifty to two hundred feet of line. Deep diving cranks that will descend to fifteen to tweny-five feet will work well under these conditions. Speaking of trout, some folks are having a great time catching stream trout in area trout lakes. Tofte Lake has been producing some impressive catches of rainbows that are slamming small crank baits, spinners and spoons. One angler stated that he had his limit within an hour and a half while fishing there. Miners Lake has also been producing some decent catches of rainbows and brook trout. Some fishermen have been doing well just fishing from the bank with a crawler under a slip bobber set at ten to fifteen feet down.

The crappie bite has yet to kick in as the cooler water temps do little to stimulate their spawning rituals. Some have reported catching a few in deeper water while targeting walleyes on Birch, White Iron and Fall Lakes.

Smallmouth bass are just beginning to move shallower and are preparing spawning beds. Best approach right now is to use soft plastics slowly crawled along the bottom. Look for the telltale signs of bed preparations and drag your bait across these areas.