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Fishing Report
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The fishing in the Ely area has definitely taken a turn for the better recently. Many anglers have had good success in their pusuit of walleyes, especially those who ventured into the Boundary Waters. The action on Basswood Lake was exceptional with folks fishing there releasing large walleyes over twenty inches in favor of keeping the delectable eaters in the fourteen to eighteen inch range. Local lakes closer to town were giving up some decent catches, with just the opposite scenario of Basswood as anglers had to wade through and release many under size walleyes to eventually fill their stringers.

Big northern pike have been the target for many, and folks were tossing suckers out to catch a good number of pike in the forty inch range. Other anglers were pitching spinner baits and spoons to hook up with these toothy critters and had a ball just catching and releasing these clear water monsters.

The crappies and smallmouth bass are in the throes of the spawn currently, and people have turned their attention to really shallow water in search of them. The crappies are readily taking small minnows or tiny jigs and soft baits, while the smallmouth want bulkier offerings such as 3-4" tube baits and crawfish imitations. In many lakes, you can sight cast for the smallmouth if you check the telltale signs of them fanning out beds near shore. Polarized sunglasses are a big help in spotting the beds.

A few nice lake trout up to ten pounds have been taken from Burntside Lake as trolled spoons and larger profile crank baits are worked in water from 20-30' in depth.