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Fishing Report
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While the walleye fishing continues to dissappoint, the trout fishing picks up the slack. Most anglers in the area have turned their attention to trout fishing as a good alternative recently and many have had some good success. Lakes such as Burntside and Snowbank have been turning out a few nice lakers up around seven pounds, with many more in the three to five pound range. Active jigging seems to be the most productive method, with baits such as soft tubes, Jigging Raps, Slender Spoons, and Airplane Jigs leading the way in preferred lures. Anglers are also picking up fish right on or near the bottom with smelt or live suckers fished either under a tip-up or hanging on a "dead" stick.

Stream trout fishermen are scoring some impressive numbers of rainbow trout on Miners, Tofte, and Dry Lakes with most of the action within viewing distance of the hole. It is great fun to actually see the trout come in and approach your bait, and to see how they  react to your offering. Most fish are responding to either small jigs tipped with wax worms, or to salted minnows fished from ten to fifteen feet below the surface. The viewing is as much of a pleasure in these clear waters as is the actual hook-up of a fish.

Crappies are beginning to show up for many anglers who are now turning their focus to them as the season progresses. East Twin, One Pine Fall Lake and Birch have been the most popular of late. This action should continue to gain momentum as the season wears on, as the fish begin to bunch up, and the weather improves bringing out more folks on the ice. Small minnows fished near the bottom are the bait of choice right now but as the fish become more aggressive, small micro soft baits will begin to turn more fish into biters rather than lookers.